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12pcs Triangular Felting Needles - pick your size

12pcs Triangular Felting Needles - pick your size

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Needle Size

Pick your size 12pcs high-quality triangular felting needles.
All needles stored in clear colored tubes with colored labels to highlight its function.

💝💝💝 ⤠ Needle Size Option ⤟ 💝💝💝
Triangular Needles :
1. 32G
2. 36G
3. 38G
4. 40G
5. 42G
12 pcs for each size and stored in 2 clear tubes. (6 pcs in one tube)

💝💝💝 ⤠ Basic idea for felting needles ⤟ 💝💝💝
Triangular Needles - Barbs on 3 sides
32G - The coarse needle is the thickest needle in the package. It felt faster and do not break easily, but tend to leave visible holes on the surface. They are generally used in the initial shaping stage for coarse fibers and attaching pieces.

36G - The medium/thick needle service similar function as a 32G needle, but leaves smaller holes on the surface. Good for initial shaping stage for medium fiber, and also can be used for attaching pieces.

38G - The medium/fine needle is the most commonly used all-rounder needle. It is great for further shaping and tightening work.

40G - The fine needle is best for felting fine details. It can be used for finishing “skin” - refining small holes on the surface to make it smooth and neat.

42G - The ultra-fine needle is great for extra details. It leaves very small holes, and great for rooting doll hair or whisker or adding any extra details.

💝💝💝 ⤠ Warming ⤟ 💝💝💝
- These needles have been heat-treated to strengthen them, however, any needle will break if used incorrectly, and so do them.

- Please note these needles are very sharp. Please handle with care, and keep the needles away from children under 12 and animals.

💝💝💝 All the needles are ready to be ship and will be shipped out next business day.

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