Cat At Roof is a place for needle felting lovers to find inspiration, information, materials and tools. 



Hi, I am a Taiwanese Animation lighting artist based in the United States. I have worked on numerous feature animations including: Moana, Zootopia, Wreck it Ralph, Happy Feet 2…. and two Oscar Award winning films, Frozen and Big Hero 6.

Besides working in the computer generated world, I loves to create cute felting hats, dolls, animals...... and I wear them with me all the time!!!

I believes cute little things can bring happiness to our lives. In Asia, this is called "Little healing objects" 療育小物. These help to reduce stress and create joy in our lives. It's popular in Asia for people to put these little healing objects around their office and home. I want to take this idea and make them wearable. We can carry these happy charms wherever we go. Is it a wonderful way to spread happiness and joy to everyone around you!!??

I also believes in the power of handmade. This is where my idea for the project "Cat at Roof" began. There are many studies that show the benefits of DIY, such as bilateral coordination, fine motor coordination,  self-esteem boosting….and more….

So this is your chance pick up some tools and create some little healing objects of your own and spread the happiness and joy wherever you go.